Effective Homeopathy Treatments

Acidity,Autism, Adenoids, Allergic Bronchitis with Asthma, Behavioural Dissorders in Children, Cervical Spondylitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Computer Related Injuries, Constipation, Eczema, Frequent Cough & Cold, Frozen Shoulder, Gastric Problems, Glue Ear, Hair Fall, Issues Arising from PERFORMANCE ANXIETY, Leucorrhoea, Lichen Planus, Liver & Gall bladder Problems, Lumber Spondylitis, Menstrual Problems, Migraine Headaches, Non Specific Back Aches, PCOD/PCOS, Post Menopausal Syndrome, Pre Menopausal Syndrome, Psoriasis,Cold & Wheezing. Recurrent Ear infection, Sinusitis, Sinusitis Headache,


Why Homeopathy is Effective?

Homeopathic remedy action is very specific to cause and effect. An example: A popular anti-inflammatory drug Brufen will reduce inflammation of any tissue in the body irrespective of the pathology, which can be used in this similar situations, can not be used without considering the specific cause, the pathology and the tissue affectation. This specificity in Homeopathy makes a prescription much more focused and result in cure without undesirable side effects.In addition to its specific nature, Homeopathic remedies often achieve an effective curative response because it also addresses other factors like Mental & Emotional stress etc,


How Homeopathy Works?

The way homeopathy works — I say ‘works’. The way homeopathy is thought to work — I say ‘thought’. The way homeopathy is believed to work is by a principle called ‘like cures like’. So you cure a disease using something that causes the same symptoms (even though they tell you that homeopathy treats diseases, not symptoms unlike, they say, something which they call ‘allopathy’ and which everyone else calls ‘medicine’). So, for example, say you have fractured limbs. As any player of Theme Hospital will tell you, Fractured Limbs is caused by falling from high places onto concrete, so you might get some concrete,


About Dr. Muthurajan
  Treated with Homeopathy only  
  * Mental & Emotional Illnesses
* Head & Scalp illnesses
* Eye
* Respiratory Tract Illnesses
* Gastro-Intestinal Disorders
* Musculo-Skeletal System disorders
* Uro-Genital System
* Skin
* General

Dr.K.Muthurajan M.D.Homeopathy

I am Dr.K.Muthurajan and I have completed my Graduation from Govt.Homeopathic Medical college in Tamilnadu ,India and Post graduation from ahmedabad homeopathic medical college in Gujarat.
Now I have treated several thousand patients effectively with Homeopathy.


"Why Homeopathy is best?"

when I saw patients coming from Allopathic system of medicine are given the same drug but differently branded again and again as Allopathic system was not able to give long lasting relief. Moreover the patients are being multiplying the disease phenomenon with the adverse effects of Allopathic drugs. This is null one in Homeopathy.
Homeopathy is the second largest method universally accepted after allopathy even in England.
Today My patients will say that thier understanding of Homeopathy was right and it can do wonders when applied correctly.